We are a Slovak film production company

We are a Slovak film production company. We prepare short fiction and feature documentary films, music videos, commercials and foreign co-productions.

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Music Video

Our philosophy is to make movie videos. We will come up with a short film for your music, which will look like a trailer for the film.


We offer foreign film productions a collaboration on your feature or short project.


We offer corporate companies advertising targeted to your target group.


A single woman Ingrid lives with her daughter and grandmother in the same household, in a village in eastern Slovakia, where there is a stigma towards the Roma population. Nevertheless, she decides to become a professional parent of a Roma girl so that she can survive.

World Premiere: Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu 2024 (Oscar Qualifying)
Asian Premiere: Balinale 2024
American Premiere: HollyShorts Film Festival 2024 (Oscar Qualifying)

  • 14 min
  • drama
  • dog 95 film factory (Slovakia) & ROVA FILM (Romania)

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