A single woman Ingrid lives with her daughter and grandmother in the same household, in a village in eastern Slovakia, where there is a stigma towards the Roma population. Nevertheless, she decides to become a professional parent of a Roma girl so that she can survive.

World Premiere: Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu 2024 (Oscar Qualifying)
Asian Premiere: Balinale 2024
American Premiere: HollyShorts Film Festival 2024 (Oscar Qualifying)

The Valley of The Widows

There is land destroyed by man. A place with no future where no one would want to return. Apart from one woman who seeks for her place on Earth.

The film was supported by the Slovakian Audiovisual Fund and Litfond Slovakia. The film is currently in production. The project was presented during pitching at the 30th Febiofest Bratislava and won the FIPADOC Doc Around Europe Award during the 38th Dok.fest Munich.


After her beloved son escapes, the abused wife reconsiders her attitudes towards her husband.