About us

We are a Slovak film production company

We are a Slovak film production company. We prepare short fiction and feature documentary films, music videos, commercials and foreign co-productions.

Our Team

Our production has already collaborated with more than 100 artists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Poland and England.


Erik Jasaň

Executive Producer

Erik Kliment


Jaroslav Stupák

Actors Cooperation

We have collaborated with renowned Slovak actors such as: Tatiana Pauhofová, Marek Geišberg, Dana Košická, Peter Čižmár, Attila Boczársky, Róbert Šudík, Igor Kasala, Beáta Drotárová, Jakub Kuka, Igor Šimeg, Adriana Totíková, Eugen Libezňuk, or established Slovak and foreign artists: Marta Parlatore (script advisor), Antek Rutczynski (sound design and foley artist), Ona Bartoli (editor), Matúš Havelka (colorist).


Attila Boczársky


Dana Košická


Marek Geišberg


Peter Čižmár


Róbert Šudík


Tatiana Pauhofová

How we work



The idea of ​​your project comes first. Our production also includes screenwriters who can prepare a tailor-made screenplay for you. Then comes the preparation witht includes: script, storyboard, finding suitable locations, actors.

If it is a larger project, we can make a pre-film for you, which means that I will shoot the project before the final filming.



The second phase is the implementation itself – shooting the project. This includes a complete staff: Director, Producer, Cameraman, Assistant Cameraman, Light, Location Managers, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator, Art Director, Makeup Artist, Hair Artist and Actors.



After filming the project, we will have post-production, which includes: editing, sound, color and possible visual effects. Subsequently, your project is finished and you receive it in full quality.

It’s all about compromises, even with a low budget you can shoot a quality and rated work. We will look for options and ways to prepare your project as efficiently as possible. We are open to any meaningful cooperation, after which both parties will be able to say that the work on your project was worth it!